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                                                           “CREATING’S  FUN”

Nicole de Werk (Werk, in english = Job)  the daughter of a father who was a naval engineer and an Indonesian mother. She is a distinguished Dutch freelance  senior stylist and renowned for her effortless take on styling for photo shoots  and wardrobe for commercials. Having immersed herself in styling and design for over two and a half decades, Nicole has been heralded as one of the most influential force, working in styling today.

She has worked with many renowned photographers  and directors including Eric van den Elsen, Harold Pereira, Arjaan Hamel, René Bosch, Oscar Seykens,  Brenda van Leeuwen,  Jeroen Annokkee and Job van As.

After studying fashion and drawing at WDKA in Rotterdam, she joined Max Models as a fashion stylist. With them she got the opportunity to work with the finest of dutch  fashion and glamour. She started making editorials for the Rotterdam based magazines RAILS  with Dave Gray and Edland Man, Credits and BLVD with Eric van den Elsen.
An avid fan of movies since childhood, Nicole decided to undertake a new challenge and move to Amsterdam where she could merge the worlds of  moving pictures.

Nicole, resides in Amsterdam with her son and daughter Tycho and Devy.

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